TEA room

Our Tea House conveys the essence of tea; it is meant to be quiet, simple and meditative. Whether you take your cup to go or stay awhile, we hope your time spent here stills your mind and reminds you to take a few precious moments out of your hectic life. Take a deep full breath, and unfurl your tensions as the leaves unfurl in the tea pot to release the delicate and complex aroma of tea. Our goal is to draw our visitors into a welcome and comfortable tea experience that will recharge and enrich their lives.

If you choose to recreate this occasion at home or work we offer organically and naturally grown sourced teas, free of any artificial flavorings or preservatives, so our patrons in search of healthier lifestyles can rest easily as they savor cups of pure and delicious tea. To complement our selection and to aid you in recreating your own tea moments we offer an array of high quality modern and traditional tea ware.

Across the globe, traditions and folklore have been created and refined over millennia, being passed on through generations, making tea both multicultural and personal. As cultures connected, customs were shared and expanded. One person’s cup of tea might not be another’s; we are not tea snobs.

Besides the simple enjoyment of it, tea has also been universally recognized by many cultures to have great healing properties. We would love an opportunity to chat with you about tea, answer your questions, or research and learn more about tea right along with you! No one knows all there is about this wonderful beverage; that is the beauty of it. We can all make new and exciting discoveries while enjoying the simple pleasure of drinking tea together in a relaxed and lovely atmosphere.

We invite you to our tea house, a place where we offer personalized tea tasting and educational opportunities for our guests who are passionate about tea, and those people who are just learning to appreciate it. Join us on this journey to unfold the fragrant pleasure and comfort of tea.